Tutorial: Running Scrivener under Linux w/Wine 64bit WITH activation

I originally posted this on my substack and linked it on Twitter/Bluesky/Reddit, and at the suggestion of @AmberV I am posting it here.

I have been using Scrivener since the 1.x days, I’ve purchased it on every platform. But I wanted to get my 2010 MacBook Pro running again. For reasons, it cannot be updated further, and I’ve installed Linux on it to squeeze a few more years of life out of it. In a quest, I installed Scrivener under Linux. And like many, I had hiccups getting it to run. However, I was able to solve the problem and do so repeatably. I’ve documented my steps with screenshots. Putting together a complete guide, something I have not seen for this problem,.

Instructions/screenshots are done using Kali Linux, however I have tested it under Debian and any Debian-based Linux Distro should be the same instructions.


Thank you for taking the time to write these instructions up.

All the best with your own writing.

Doc from Australia.

Very useful. I have a second machine with fresh install of Fedora and Scrivener is working like a panzer!

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