Two-page Composition Mode?

Is a two-page (side by side pages) composition mode possible? Easy enough in a normal writing mode, but seems like composition mode doesn’t support that. ?

Also, would love the Targets window to be persistent across sessions, and integrated in the main screen somewhere. And persistent/visible in composition mode.

Both of these will be coming to the next major (paid) update of Scrivener.

All the best,

OMG really!? That’s wonderful!

Is there a (rough?) timeline for that? This month? This year? 2017?

This year. :slight_smile:

Hello. I am interested in using this feature - work with two documents in composition mode, side by side (when editing I like to type out afresh rather than line-edit) - but am unable to find it. Has it been implemented as planned? Thank you.

For the record, that isn’t what the original topic was about. If you need actual split view editors for working on multiple pieces of text at once, then a better bet will be to use Full Screen mode and maybe a paired down UI if you want to keep things as clean as possible. Consider making a Layout for that.

As for Page View in Composition, with a two-page spread (like an open book), yeah you can do that now. The options are in the same place as setting this up in the standard window: View ▸ Text Editing ▸ .