unable to verify your activation for more then two months

unable to verify your activation for more then two months error message.
please enable TLS 1.2 on this machine

registered user
windows 10 home /1903
scrivener 1.9.13

TLS1.2 IS ENABLED in the internet options of my machine

beside that lately the program takes ages to load, perhaps because of this error ?

help please

Also got this error just today, and only today.

I am running Windows 10 Pro, also version 1903.

Scrivener Version: - 25 Jul 2019

I am having a similar problem on a Win7 machine. I received the first notice a week or two ago and just had another. This one said I have 2 more months and Scrivener will revert to trial mode. The software keeps hanging up while I’m using it and sometimes takes several seconds to respond to keystrokes.

Please ensure that there are no firewalls, anti-virus tools, or other security software limiting Scrivener’s ability to reach the activation server.

If that’s not it, please open a support ticket. We can’t address registration issues through the forum.


I am getting this too.
Also, Scrivener has been very, very slow for the last months or so.

I am definitely connected to the internet … but even if I wasn’t… does it matter? The license is real.

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Getting this message, too.

I recall having to dig up my activation code to feed it to Scrivenor after an update about … well, more than 2 months ago. It looked like a bug at the time, but I don’t remember the exact details.

Well, it’s fixed here, it didn’t happen this morning.

Thank you for your reply but I think you didn’t understand the issue. the software was activated for a few years and then two months ago when you did to the big upgrade of the software licensing system, I had to feed the license again to the program, that was a a bug of yours as I understand.
the problem I described has nothing to do with the registration of the software. It is a big… I should be able to run it even in an offline mode when I’m not connected to the internet. judging by the number of other users who described the same issue I hope that you will look into it and move it to your bug department

I updated to the newest version about a week ago and the same thing has just happened to me while I was offline.

What in the name of sanity is going on with Scrivener? It’s been great for years, now all of a sudden it seems to be turning into something … well …not so pleasurable to use … and I’m putting that more mildly than I usually would.

First, the update decides to be a trial version, demands a license key but won’t acknowledge a correct license key, necessitating that one do a system restore so one can keep using the older version…OR LOSE ACCESS TO ONE’S WORK!!! - and now it presumes to dictate that one be online in order to use it.

Please someone tell me this is going to be sorted.

The software does a periodic activation check, which is how we purge voided licenses. (People who got refunds, for example.) That check appears to be failing. The possible reasons are (a) something is interfering with the connection to the internet, or (b) the activation server is not responding.


What could cause half a dozen people to have this issue at exactly the same time? Something that happened to all of them on the same day, perhaps. Like a software update. I don’t recall the date, but “more than two months” feels about right. Like Rufus, I vaguely recall that I had to enter my activation code but that it didn’t appear to accept it so I had to enter it again. But then the message went away and everything seemed to be fine so I forgot about it. Just seemed like a glitch.

I don’t appear to be having any Internet connection issues and I haven’t changed any settings or my AV software. I’ve been using Scrivener daily for about 7 years now and have never had a problem (aside from a bit of lagging on startup, which is new). My bet is that this is a bug, not a connection issue, but I’m not a software developer. I’ll open a support ticket if it keeps happening, I guess.

It fits pretty perfectly with two months since the small series of updates when the licensing provider was changed. It was in late June and early July as I recall (I went on summer holidays in the very first days of July and had to install a trial version just in time for the last of the “licensing updates” to roll in).

In other words: It would appear that the bug has been there ever since the licensing provider was changed, but we only see it now, because two months have gone by, thus triggering the warning pop up.

Edit: I didn’t have to re-enter my activation code, as some have reported.

I’m having the same issue here. I’ve opened a ticket.

I’m getting this message as well. It started yesterday. :frowning:

I am also getting this message when i open Scrivener. 'activation etc…more than two months and will revert to trial version by 4 months …)

I also experienced the same problem this morning for the first time. However, I don’t recall being asked to enter my activation key during the recent update a couple months ago

. My second attempt to open the programme was also followed by the attached message.

I got the “license manager ended unexpectedly” message two days ago; it went away on its own. Then, this morning, I got the “Your automatic re-activation with our license provider has failed for more than 2 months” message.

And yes, about two months ago I had to re-input my activation code, which was weird because I’ve been a licensed user of Scrivener for a number of years.

My software is up to date. I haven’t made changes to my router or firewall.

I have been having the same problems for the last week or two. Very same pop up error as previously posted. I have .net 4.7x installed. ScrivenerActivationVerificationFailure.jpg

I also received the same message for the first time yesterday. I have had no prior warnings nor have I received the “license manager ended unexpectedly” message. As far as I know, everything is up to date, and, as I have no connectivity issues with any other programs, I assume the Scrivener is able to connect.

Just confirming that we are aware of the issue and are working with Paddle to resolve it. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.