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I followed the instructions to open a new project with the new NaNo project template, hoping to be able to use the built-in “Update NaNoWriMo” feature. No luck. The purported entry in the Project menu doesn’t show up. I also tried the trick of manually editing an existing .scrivx file to add NaNo=“Yes” to the ScrivenerProject tag, but the menu item still doesn’t appear. Out of curiosity, I checked the .scrivx file of the one created from the NaNo template and it doesn’t have NaNo=“Yes” anywhere in the file.

Has anyone else gotten this functionality to work? My Scriv is up to date (3.0.1) but I can’t get this to work.

Link to the template download: NaNoWriMo Special Trial Edition | Literature and Latte

Text from the template’s explanation of how to use the word count reporting feature:

Updating Your NaNoWriMo Word Count

You can update your word count on the NaNoWriMo servers from within Scrivener. Here’s how:
Make sure you have set up a writing project for the current event on nanowrimo.org. You can’t update your word count to a nonexistent project!

From the bottom of Scrivener’s Project menu, select Update NaNoWriMo Word Count.

When prompted, enter your nanowrimo.org login details. You’ll only be asked to log in the first time you use the feature. (Note that Scrivener does not store your user name or password, and they are used solely for connecting with the NaNo servers.)

Once Scrivener has connected with the NaNoWriMo servers, it will show the name of the current project and ask you to confirm that you want to update the word count. Click “Update Word Count” to do so.

That’s it! (Of course, the first time you do this, you will probably want to head over to your account on nanowrimo.org just to see the magic in action.)

Simply return to this menu item whenever you want to update your word count.

(Note that you can only update your word count while the event is in progress. If NaNo hasn’t started yet, or if it has finished, you’ll be told that you can’t update your count.)

Using “Update NaNoWriMo Word Count” with Other Projects

The “Update NaNoWriMo” feature is only enabled by default for projects created from the “Novel (NaNoWriMo)” template—projects such as this one! The menu item will not be available for other projects. If you would like to use a different template for your NaNo project, however, you can enable the feature in other projects with a little extra effort. Please visit the below Knowledge Base link to find out how:


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From the article you linked:
Note: This article describes a feature in the NaNoWriMo 2021 Trial Version that will soon be available in the update releases for macOS (3.2.3) and Windows (3.1).

These update releases are not yet available.

Is there a timeline on when the 3.2.3 and 3.1 updates will be available?

We expect them to be available before NaNoWriMo actually starts.


Hello, I am trying to use the template with an existing copy of Scrivener 3. When I try to add my username and password, it says they are incorrect. I have checked, checked and rechecked. The username is correct. The password is correct. This, after I had to create a brand new NaNoWriMo account because the old email and username don’t work there. Maybe the muses are against me doing NaNo this year :frowning: At this point, what can I do? I will try creating a new project from the template and copy all my files over. Maybe this will work.

This didn’t work. I guess my next stop is tech support?

Try this: Scrivener rejects my NaNoWriMo credential

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Thank you so much! It worked!! Now I can update my counts daily. I appreciate your time!

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