Upgrade to v.3 beta

Hello -
I’ve been so anxious to get my hands on version 3. Hearing that the beta is stable, thought I’d give it a go.
Can anyone tell me: Do I need to do a complete new install to version 3 and if so, will I need my registration info and codes again. There doesn’t appear to be an option to update to beta from within the app.

I had the same question, here’s the link they sent me to download the beta and you need to uninstall the old version first. I hope that helps!


Yes - you do need a complete need install, BUT you don’t need to uninstall the old version, and I would strongly recommend that you DON’t… L&L recommend that you install the beta in a new directory, which I agree with. I have 1.9 installed in Scrivener1, the beta in Scrivener2, and will install Scrivener3 in (you guessed it) Scrivener3.

I am presently running both versions on my main ‘words’ machine. The trilogy I’ve been working on now for five years is still being written and edited using 1.9, but I have now pulled out all of my research notes into a separate project using the beta version as it my notes are so large (I have some large maps) it was slowing down the save. This allows me to at least participate in the beta.

I also have the beta installed on my graphics machine and am using the beta to save my latest book which I am writing chapter by chapter in MSWord and dropbox before cutting and pasting into the beta. I write a lot of my stuff on my android tablet and am impatiently waiting for the android beta!!!

Hope this helps.

Just remember that the beta version is a beta so don’t put a project in there that is time critical.


Also remember that moving a project from 1.9 to beta is a one-way conversion – the beta will open older format projects and convert them (leaving you a copy of the original) but you cannot export it back to the older format. The backwards-compatible export functionality is expected once 3.0 releases, but right now, if you change your mind, you have to copy your content back to 1.9 by hand.