Using Scrivener with iCloud Drive

I found one discussion about this topic but it was a bit cryptic for me. I have used DropBox with Scrivener for some time but dropped back to the basic storage for financial reasons and I am now looking at using iCloud Drive which, I imagine, might be even easier with multiple Mac platforms.

Most people I know eschew clouds of any sort and want ‘hard copies’ but I love the facility of being able to work on any device - well, on the laptop and desktop until Scrivener gets the iPad under way for us - seamlessly.

Could you please advise if there are risks with iCloud Drive. Whether you would suggest DropBox more? any views at all really would be welcome.

Thanks in anticipation

Hey Lindy

In this post about the iOS version of Scrivener…

… developer Keith says:

So if you want to use the iOS version of Scrivener when first available, DropBox will be the only way forward.

And in this thread, there is some discussion about using iCloud drive between OS X machines:

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In its previous incarnation, iCloud was unusable with Scrivener; I don’t know about iCloud Drive, but I would stick to Dropbox, or Cubby.

Rather than putting your Scrivener projects in iCloud Drive, I’d look into moving anything else you have in your Dropbox into iCloud Drive, reducing your Dropbox to the free 2GB and keeping it for your Scrivener projects.

Or actually, I’d open a Cubby account (5GB free space and various other advantages) and reserve that for Scrivener projects. In fact, currently, I have my active projects in Cubbies, with the backups being saved into Dropbox.

But as somebody said above, if you’re interested in using the iOS version when it comes out, you’re going to need to have those projects in Dropbox, at least to begin with. Whether iCloud Drive sync’ing will come along later, watch any posts from Keith, but I’m very hopeful Cubby will make it onto the list.

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