View all subdocuments in corkboard view

I can’t figure out whether its possible to view subdocuments in corkboard view…

I’ve got a long doc, broken up into sections. Each of those sections is broken into subsections, which are subdocuments of doc which just contain the section title.

I want to be able to click on the folder which contains the whole lot, and view the index cards for all of them in the corkboard. But all I get is the higher level documents, shown as stacks.

Obviously I can click on those stacks and view them as corkboards, displaying their subdocuements. But I want to view the whole lot together.

Is there the option to display all subdocuments in the corkboard view?


You may try Documents/ Open/ With All Subdocuments/ On Editor Corkboard. Is that what you’re after?

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Thats exactly what I was looking for - many thanks!

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This is helpful, thanks. But can it be made automatic so it happens every time I use the corkboard? Its awkward to remember to go there each time I want to view the corkboard?
(In version three, I found - Navigate/Open/With all Subdocuments as Flat list)