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I’m new to the forums. Author Christopher Hopper told me about Scrivener a long time ago. I’ve used about half of the free trial period making notes and a few false starts. I plan to buy a license when the trial runs out. I absolutely love the way the 30 day trial works.

About me? I’m a 40 year old man, divorced with 3 young sons. I drive a truck to keep the kids fed and have wanted to write fiction since I was a teenager. I mostly write science fiction but after a recent vivid dream have begun laying the groundwork for a supernatural fantasy. I tend to work in 3’s. I’ll write 3 good chapters, flesh out 3 interesting characters, outline 3 story arcs, etc before life and ADHD pulls me away. My girlfriend is enthusiastically encouraging me to spend more time writing, so I’m going to make a real effort with this one. I don’t know if I will do a read along here or have a closed beta reader group through Facebook messenger or some other format.

Anyway, hello, world!


I would like to add that, based on feedback from previous projects, I can confidently say that my greatest strength as a writer is that I have a very visual imagination that allows me to write vivid and exciting action sequences. My greatest weakness is that I tend to be easily discouraged.

Welcome @Sanityfree !

If you ever have Scrivener questions, feel free to start a thread. A lot of smart, generous people here to help you out.

Be sure to go through the Interactive Tutorial (from Scriv’s Help menu). Even if you don’t remember all the details, it’s a fantastic overview of what to expect from Scrivener.

When you have some downtime, read this post I wrote a while ago about backups. It was for Scriv v1, so the menu options have changed, but all the concepts still apply. Understanding how Scrivener’s built-in backup system works will help avoid the tragedy of lost words. :innocent:

If you find it difficult to find beta readers, consider checking out Scribophile.


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Good info, thanks! I expect to primarily work from my laptop but may use my gaming pc for work once in a while. I just wish Scrivener was available for android. I have a tablet i could take to work (where i have a lot of time to think) and being able to take notes and sync them to my laptop would be awesome. Awesome, but not worth dealing with an iPhone…

i don,t know what kind of motivation you respond best to, so…

if you,re motivated by proving naysayers wrong

hello, i am a very annoying hateful person from the internet and i think you,ll never succeed and might as well give up now. go ahead, prove me wrong.

if you respond best to positive encouragement

hello, i am someone from the internet who knows what they,re talking about and i think you,re doing great and should keep up the good work. keep at it. you,ve got this.


Okay, that literally made me LOL!