web archive - lost links

Hi, I recently transferred my research for a novel I’m writing to a separate Project…so I could write in one and save info in another.

All seemed well until today when I discovered that none of my web archives are live linked any more in the research Project. I copied the archves back to my working Project file but, no, they did not work.

I then brought back the orighinal ‘all-in-one’ Scrivener file from Apple’s Time Machien (keeping the one I’ve been working on as well) and, even in that, none of the web archive links worked.

So, lost web links. Is there any way on this earth this can be fixed? My only alternative will be to chase around forever trying to reproduce my online research. That is a problem because we don’t save by link but by title in these web archives…

I moved the ‘archives’ that don’t work into a separate folder so that I could read from one and work in another as I re-download and I noticed that I get cards for each so I have minimal information there to work from. It seems odd that that happened.

Help please asap.

What version of Mac OS do you have? There’s a known bug related to web archives in 10.14.4. See this thread: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/problem-with-importing-websites-after-update-mac-os-mojave-10-14-4/45103/1


thanks Katherine, that explains it. I’ve responded there.