Welcome to our new team member - our iOS developer

Hello all,

We’ve been dropping none-too-subtle hints for a while, but at last we can stop being so cloak-and-dagger and make a formal announcement: an iOS version of Scrivener is in development. We yesterday signed a contract with Jen Yates (who has been around the forums for some time as jen_Y8S) to develop an iPad and iPhone version of Scrivener for us. She’s been secretly working on some of the code already:

I have said all along that I wouldn’t develop the iPad version myself, seeing as it would take my time too much away from the Mac version and I think it’s important that all versions have developers dedicated to them so that customers can rely on us keeping Scrivener up-to-date. Jen is a keen user of Scrivener and an enthusiastic iPad user, and seems to be a bit of a whizz with the code, too - so she is the perfect person to take Scrivener to the iPad and iPhone. Ioa and I - and possibly others from the team - will be heavily involved in the design process with Jen over the next couple of months, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this shapes up (especially considering I have discovered a love for my new iPhone). Be sure to check out the iOS subforum if you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see in an iOS version - now’s your chance!

I know the first question we’ll get is: When?! All we can say at the moment, I’m afraid, is that we will be releasing iOS versions sometime in 2012. We are still in the very early stages.

So, welcome to the team, Jen!

All the best,

I am so happy right now!! since I replaced my laptop with an iPad and Bluetooth Mac keyboard I have missed only one thing, Scrivener for Windows. This is great news and I can’t wait for the product to become live. if you need a tester… Right here!!!

Congratulations to Jen and the rest of Lit & Lat for taking a step closer to world domination! Speaking of which… Based on the geographical dispersion of current team members, I can only assume that you live somewhere in Central or South America, China, Africa, or one of the poles.* Unless you live next door to Keith or David, that is.

*North or South… not Poland. It would be too “provincial” to have you that close.

Heh, Jen lives in Surrey, so we have another UK person on board!

I can’t quite express just how much love I’m oozing for you all right now… Mac scrivener I love to death… IOS scrivener… Life is just about complete…!

To be honest I’d only really want an iPhone version for scratching ideas and rough bits out for later inclusion in the main project… iPad would be where it’s at for main mobile work…

The interface (already) looks nice!

Big love for Jen !!!

When can we start paying you the cash for it :wink:

Hi everyone

It’s good to see so much excitement being shown about the announcement.

I genuinely feel excited to be the one bringing iOS into the Scrivener family… or Scrivener to the iOS family if it sounds better that way…

It doesn’t matter which way you say it. Scrivener is getting iOS and iOS is getting Scrivener. It’s a ying-yang kinda thing… a bit like the Scrivener logo we all know and love :slight_smile:

You’ve already seen a sneak-peek of our cork-board, and over the next couple of months as we flesh out the detail of exactly what features will make the initial release and how they’ll work on the platform, I’ll be jumping in and out of the forums to digest everyone’s input and contribute when I can.

So watch this space. It’s real, it’s happening and rest assured that myself and the longer standing L&L team members are working tirelessly at making this THE go-to app for writing and editing on iOS.


Aha! That’s a gateway drug to the iPad, Keith. Soon you will be writing your novel on that “toy”… :wink:

That avatar, with its reference to my favourite sf show, is surely a guarantee of quality as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

I did a little cheer when I saw the DRD. Just don’t let Jen get lost through a worm hole; that could add years to the development cycle.

What splendid news! A big thank you.

Now the hard part begins… the waiting!

Not necessarily - they operate in time and space (and can lead to some embarrassing Season 4 Back to the Future-style fading away), so she could end up getting it finished before I announced this. Or something…

Lovely! Also lovely to see all the excitement. It’s always a good thing. It’ll be great. When you say an iPad and iPhone version you mean a universal Scrivener for iOS, right?

Welcome!!! Scrivener Rules!

Jen, if washing your car or walking your dog is distracting you from releasing this bad boy, just say the word and I will be over ASAP to help you with whatever.

This is good news indeed. This fall I took a leap of faith and sold my MacBook, replacing it with an iPad. With months of experimentation, and (finally) the right keyboard/case, I have created a workflow for writing that focuses on the iPad. I have a MacMini running as a desktop/server giving me access to years worth of writing files from the iPad. Now, accessing these files, I write notes and first drafts and edit on the iPad. Over the last few weeks I’ve come to think of the iPad as the very best initial draft typing/writing environment I’ve every used. Throughout this experiment, and now permanent transition, one missing piece has been a better way to integrate drafting on the iPad with large project files in Scrivener. Now that may be coming, though I hope for even more than that, I hope for completing the transition to the iPad as my main writing environment for all phases of projects, large and small. Possible? Here’s hoping…thanks again for the very good news. See you in the iOS sub forum.

Very excited about the iPad version coming in 2012…
iPhone may be too small a screen for me ( age and eyes thing!!! ) although it would be useful to type in “ideas and notes” on the iPhone so that they could slip into Scrivener, whether Mac, iPad, Windows or iPhone - assuming all these will sync through icloud or drop box…

And thank you! thank you! thank you! — if I can use Scrivener, ANYONE can use scrivener!!!

Happy holidays everyone!

This is wonderful news. I can’t way to try out Scrivener on my ipad.

Any chance we’ll be able to beta test drive the way we did with the windows version?

Good God, I just found out and it IS the best Xmas present and New Year present ever! I am so excited and happy and can’t wait to click the Buy button… And of course, I, too, would be happy to serve as beta tester (who wouldn’t?) will send a few suggestions and requests soon, i.e., next year…


What a wonderful development. I was just looking at my .scriv files on Goodreader and wishing there was a way to view them on my iPad without having to sync with third party apps.
I am greatly anticipating this new app!