What Does Your Workspace Look Like?

Just curious. Is your workspace conducive to writing. Is it full of interesting things that cause you to think?

Mine is very uninspiring. :neutral_face:

picasaweb.google.ca/k.r.busby/My … directlink

The grey box under the desk is an uninterruptible power supply. It gives me ten hours of 110v.
The little box with the buttons is a keybox. The kind you see outside buildings. I keep my thumbdrives in it and I think they would survive a fairly intense fire.

Post pics of yours.

My study. I love it. I feel it says everything about me, also unflattering things.

(Whisper) Rochefore, what a beautiful piano!

My studio is an open space, with windows looking at the hills and the mountains on one side, an almond tree on the other side. Despite the beautiful setting, I cannot manage to fight the disorder inside the room, and this contributes to my sense of instability and uncertainess.

Aphar, your place is very ordered. It gives a sense of everything unnecessary sent out of the door, away, out of the way.


That’s a great space. It looks like you have a great view outside your window.

Thanks for the looksie.

Thanks Paolo, but it only looks organized because I’m lazy and haven’t been writing. If I was active it would look messy, like Rochefore’s. He’s obviously been working up a storm. :slight_smile:

Hey ptram, where is your bio pic from and where can I see a larger example of it? It looks really cool! :smiley:

And he has blocked the door with his writing desk, which is a proven cure against procrastination.

It is a photo that was shot to me by one of my friends, while at a master class in composition at the castle of Sermoneta. For a couple weeks, that was my personal workspace…

studio-magazine.com/pics/por … a-2008.jpg


How does one place pictures in posts? As attachments? The room is 5’x7’, with bookshelves on all four walls. The cat’s name is Stella Luna. Scrivener is open on the mac. I took the photos this morning.office left 2.JPGoffice right 2.JPG

Very cool. I thought it was a prison. (Which would also be cool)

What a cozy, productive looking room. The cat’s a nice touch. I think I’d have to diet a while before I could fit in it though… tiny!

But it was a prison! We were secluded, and the gate shut at elevel p.m. Now, try to evade from a middle-age fortress…


Photo 74.jpg

Mine’s under the bed and totally inappropriate for human viewing.

Wow. I have no idea what to make of that. :confused:

Dude! That is so cool. How intense! :open_mouth:

I saw Vic-k’s work place

How the hell did y` do that!? :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing:

Where do you hide all of the liquor?

I think Vic-k is absent from the photo because he is on another liquor run…