What's the plan Mr Bacon?

Hey Piggy… You give up yet or are we on for 2018?

I dunno. Whatdya reckon? Worth another go?

Yes, please!

What, even if Jaysen is still around?

You make it sound as if my demise has been suspected… Should I be concerned?

No, not at all. Haha.
cancel operation fredo

Yo Piggy…

Mrs is trying to control my life. The only concession I’m getting is “when is that nonsense you do with the hogman and the normal people … but not Mr K (his poor poor wife), he’s NOT normal … that writing thing that keeps you tied up for a day… the one where I don’t have to deal with your for 24 hours?” I tried updating the calendar with “hogman writing thing” on every day but that forced me to buy her a new calendar AND a new fry pan (apparently you can’t actually cook bacon in a lumpy skillet).

So what’s the calendar looking like this year? please please save me from painting the living room.

Wait? You were serious about doing it again?! :open_mouth:

I’m pretty sure you’re all just part of an elaborate plot to prevent me from finishing the WIP.

My wife is serious about me doing it again. Does that count?

Yes. While I’m not sure my content is up to standard, it’s the one public thing that I do with my writing. It provides a place were my limited skill seems useful beyond my own pleasure. And, since it’s less about what’s kicking around in my addled head, it allows me to be … not me … for a couple thousand words. I get tired of me. I don’t know how my wife puts up with me. She has a choice. I’m stuck with me. So any chance I get to be less … me … I’ll take it.

There’s some logic in there somewhere. Maybe VicK can explain it.

Mr Bacon, we are eagerly awaiting something that approximates a useful answer.

A suggestion for a plot:

A stray cat finds an abandoned building which it starts to explore. Each chapter is about the exploration of one of the rooms and the various species of prey it finds in there, how it cunningly catches them, play with them and finally eat’m all. :smiley:

In the final room we find out that the prey was a family of shape shifting aliens practicing “method acting” for performance on their home world, but in all previous rooms the prey were “kids” who could not shift into defensive forms before succumbing to the cat. But the last one… it’s mom and dad… How do they resolve the conflict?!

It may be that the conflict is more profound than first envisaged. To commandeer that hackneyed old saying to aid elucidation … ‘We are what we eat’, unless mom&dad’s kids are indigestible to the cat, it’s a stand off between mom, dad and their kids. But!!! if the alien kids are indigestible to the earthly cat, they’ll be sat inside, waiting for mom&dad t’ get their act t’gether and open the cat up and let them out. IMHO

Make sure Mr K get’s the last chapter…

You have a great idea there. You should … flesh it out.

[size=60]That’s a pretty good setup for you there…[/size]

Don’t you mean flush it out

”No animals were harmed during the filming …” :open_mouth:
In the final room the cat has got super powers from devouring the aliens and not being hungry he zaps the parents and takes off in their spaceship. :smiley:

I’ve been stalking the forum, waiting to see a sign up for this year. :smiley:

Is it sad that NIAD’s been the most excitement I’ve had on my birthday (10/17) for the past few years? :open_mouth: