When will Force Click dictionary look up be added to 10.11?

Is Force Click still not available for dictionary lookup?

In [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/force-touch-clicks-not-working-on-latest-macs/31658/4] AmberV states that in 10.10 “If I set the look-up gesture to Force, then it works just fine [in Scrivener]”; but user Shell and I are both on 10.11; and as Shell states, “Default under 10.11 … is Force in all applications. It doesn’t work in Scrivener. So the lookup can only be activated via key shortcut or right-click context menu….”

Can you guys please add the force touch NSEvent API in 10.11 so that we can use it in Scrivener as well as everywhere else? This is a great, great feature of the Magic Track 2 and ALL the new (and recent) Retina MacBook Pros. It really helps OS X-wide for force touching to get preview on files in finder; and the dictionary lookup feature functionality is awesome. We can all switch back to the 3-finger press for look up and then get that back everywhere else as well as Scrivener, but then we lose the force touch preview on files in Finder.

Better Touch Tool can add a gesture for this that’s Scrivener-specific, but ONLY for one of the corners; BTT does not have a “Force Touch ANYwhere on the Trackpad” gesture. I’ve written to the developer to request he add this.

For BTT users willing to try to a modified 3-finger gesture, in BTT you can set up the Scrivener-specific gesture “3 Finger Click” and then use that shortcut with a FORCE 3 Finger Click gesture. (Setting it up as 3 Finger FORCE Click doesn’t work half the time; you have to hold your fingers down after force clicking to get the definition window to stay open. Whereas setting the shortcut to be “3 Finger Click” seems to work perfectly with the gesture 3 Finger FORCE Click.)

After testing this a half hour, I’m seeing that the BTT really isn’t dependable. Sometimes it doesn’t work. The Apple implementation ALWAYS works—whether you press fast or slow. The only way to get BTT to achieve that level of dependability is if you use a Corner FORCE Click gesture.

Ed: BTT developer (Andreas Hegenberg) has responded: “Unfortunately single finger force clicks can’t be configured in BTT due to technical limitations. If I ever find a workaround I’ll add that functionality.”

Ed: I gave up on BTT’s 3-finger gestures and went with the bottom-left-corner-FOURCE-click custom gesture for Scrivener.

Came looking for Force Touch and found your thread. Also found a post from Scrivener developer Keith explaining that Force Touch requires 64-bit apps. Should be available in Scrivener 3. Hoping that will be released soon.


Good to know! Thanks.