Where to download a TEMPLATE for a STAGE MUSICAL

Greetings All,
Just got hooked on Scrivener…
Does anyone know where I might download a template for a STAGE MUSICAL?
(ideally a Broadway-style one)
I’ve googled / searched the forums…
Any tips would be very much appreciated!

Stageplay would probably be the best place to start. We’ve got templates for both US and UK common style formats. If you can think of anything that a Broadway style template would have that would make it worth having a separate template, let us know in as much detail as possible. Most of the templates you see are the product of feedback from authors with those specialities.

I’m writing one at the moment. Theatre people aren’t nearly as overwrought about script format as the movie chaps. As long as you can tell who’s talking, what they’re saying, and what they’re doing, that’s fine.

Format-twiddling is a hell of good way to procrastinate. I’m as bad as the next man at that. But the built-in templates in Scrivener are just fine. I like US Stage Play.

The only special thing about a musical layout is that when someone sings, you write (SINGS) as a parenthetical, then, conventionally, type out the lyrics in uppercase and outdented half an inch from ordinary dialogue.

Otherwise… when you’re format-wonking, you’re not writing, when you’re not writing you’re not earning any money, and when you’re not earning any money you’re NEVER going to afford those Beyerdynamic T5P heaphones… 8)


I just added another ‘style’ for lyrics to US play template: all caps at the indentation I wanted. Worked like a charm. :slight_smile:

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The issue for me for a stage musical template is where or how to insert the musical score (as pdf) into the script. Also there are illustrations of characters I would like to place as well
Id use Stageplay as suggested above but I cant afford another app … Im assuming it costs?

Our templates assume you know how to write a script, they aren’t going to train you on things like how to add indication of which score should be playing, etc. But that’s all we’re talking about by the way, Scrivener’s templates, not other software entirely.