Why do I have to activate my license every few weeks?

I haven’t been writing much lately, so it can be a couple weeks between Scrivener sessions. Every few weeks, I get the message that my license isn’t activated and I have to activate it again.

I purchased Scrivener 1 in December or January and upgraded (for free) to Scrivener 3 when it came out. I have never used it on any computer other than this one.

I paid for this app. I am using it legally. I want to be able to use it rather than constantly searching emails to find my license.

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This is a known, longstanding, difficult to debug issue with their licensing provider that seems to affect a small number of users, and unfortunately you are in that category. :pouting_cat:

The good news is that, as mentioned by L&L support in the thread I linked to, it seems they’ve made a breakthrough in reproducing the issue, so that’s a very big step toward resolving it.



Came here to gripe about the same thing… More annoying than a fly in the kitchen.