Wiki links - auto suggest existing docs?

I’m delighted that wiki link formatting works
What would take it to the next level would be that in words coming right after [[ auto suggestions of existing doc titles would pop up as you type.

While Scrivener does not support blind linking like wikis do, it does support typing in links the way you would on a wiki (like [[this]]), and with a keyboard shortcut you can request title completion, via the Edit ▸ Completions ▸ Complete Document Title menu command.

The setup basics:

  • In settings, under the Corrections tab, enable Automatically detect [[document links]]
  • In the Behaviors: Document Links tab, consider setting Open new document links in… to “(Do not open)”, unless you want something else to happen of course, but that setting will provide the most wiki-like linking behaviour.

Further reading that you might find interesting, if you’re looking to use Scrivener in a fashion that promotes a network of internal links:

There is probably more! While “wiki link” is a good start to search for on the forum, try broadening your search to “internal links document” as that uses the official jargon, and “document bookmarks”, which are not hyperlinks in the editor, but a jump list you can set up in the sidebar (and also how you would find what links to an item as bookmarks are automatically created as back-links). And of course there is a whole major section in the user manual PDF (found in the Help menu) on Linking Documents Together, in §10.1.

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Thanks so much for this - finding the shortcut for complete document title does get close to what I’m after (though it would seem just a small extra step to be able to set it as a default behaviour when letters come right after [[ ?)
I’ve played with Obsidian a fair bit and decided that Scrivener was the right platform for the project even before the [[ ]] option was there at all, so its all bonus.
Thanks for the links for more reading

That is indeed something I have jotted down on our list of improvements to look into. It would probably be possible given we already do something very similar when typing <$..., which is the syntax used by Scrivener’s placeholders.

Obsidian is a good tool, but I find it useful for an entirely different kind of thing than what Scrivener provides. The two even work quite well together if you want to press the advantage of those areas where they don’t overlap.