Would a long complex worldbuilding bible in Scrivener be successful, considering that Scrivener has no wiki function?

Great, here are a few other posts that might help you out, give you areas to explore. Not all of this is related to what we might refer to as wiki features, but encompasses more efficient project navigation, and demonstrating how a project can be more oriented toward note-taking than long-form writing:

  • Turning the project window into a scratch pad. This was created to demonstrate how a project window can essentially emulate all of the features the dedicated Scratch Pad feature provides—but unlike the scratch pad itself, isn’t confined to its very limited feature set.

    What I think is interesting about this is that it is an illustration of how the interface can form a conduit for how we interact with data. With the default project window, we are confronted with resources, and draft folders, formatting toolbars and by default a corkboard. With this project window we have none of that. The interface is modelled after streamlined note-taking software: a list of notes on top, text on the bottom. It gets more exciting than that though, since in the end, this has all the potential of Scrivener’s more advanced project window layouts.

  • Using Scrivener as a notepad. Funnily enough, this post was written in response to someone who felt v3 was a less useful as a note-taking tool than the prior version. This response therefore became a run-down of various techniques and tools available for that purpose, and so it remains useful outside of its original context.

  • Given your idea of having a central repository of world information that multiple projects would pull from, this post on integrating two or more projects together may be, if nothing else, worth the peace of mind that you can link to anything from anywhere, not just within projects. Note how a workflow like this would benefit from a slim and trim project window to the side of your main writing project? That’s where that notepad type layout can come in super handy.