Will the next Beta Update come in time?

Part of the reason I am reluctant to do any major work in the beta version of the Windows 3.0 Scrivener is the current beta-locking system in place. It essentially renders the software useless at a specific point in time. I understand why it’s there - to prevent the software becoming permanently “free” - no problem.

But…with the next deadline approaching in two days, and the current uncertain state of the world, a scenario where the next beta update is NOT put out in time (or worse, is full of errors or something equally catastrophic) is not without possibility, however unlikely or unwanted.

So…hopefully without inciting the screaming hoards who reject any legitimate question about L&L or their products…what happens if we get to a specific beta end date and there is no new software ready?

They haven’t missed a deadline for a single beta yet, and they’ve released forty-four of them since Nov. 2017. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

The betas don’t expire to prevent free use, but to make sure everyone has the latest bug fixes. Reporting or investigating bugs that have already been fixed is a waste of everyone’s time.

Even in case of catastrophic illness affecting some members of the development team, the developers are geographically dispersed and more than one person has the ability to release a new beta if necessary.

If even that option fails, it is possible, though tedious, to extract your work from a Scrivener project using nothing but system tools and a basic RTF editor.

To avoid even that scenario, you can use the Export and/or Compile functionality to extract your work at any time.


I totally understand not wanting to chase bugs in older beta versions that have been solved in newer versions but one way to solve that problem is to require any bug submission to be in the current beta version which means whoever wants to submit the bug report has to be sure they are using the current version and if not then they need to install it and try to replicate the bug. Since this beta has been going on for a lot longer than you or us had hoped for, and I understand taking the time to get it right, having to frequently uninstall then reinstall the beta gets a little old. Just saying.


As it is extremely unlikely L&L will be changing their beta process at this point, have a look at rwfranz’s post in the thread I’ve linked below. It discusses, as does Katherine’s post above, some methods of preparing for the worst case scenario of your not being able to use Scrivener.


Note that it is useful to understand these concepts even outside the context of beta testing. For instance, in the event you wanted to quit using Scrivener at some later date, or if for some reason you are no longer able to run it on your PC.


It’s very unlikely they’d change their approach this late in the beta, and such an approach as the one listed above leaves the product more open to software piracy.

Also you do ‘not’ need to uninstall and then download and reinstall. I’ve been using the beta’s for a long time and decided to test out the update feature. You can do so manually each day or it will prompt once it checks back to the site for updates. Given that its the 5th and the 7th is when its set to expire you can check in the announcements for which version is listed. (44 at the time of this posting) and then do the update within the program.

As I’ve stated before I’ve had no problems with it.

Thanks for the info but that’s not what they recommend which is to uninstall the current beta and then install the new beta. I’ll have to try it your way but that assumes I can get in and it hasn’t timed out.

Well given they’ve also said ‘not’ to use for critical writings or whatnot as well…how many listen. :wink: And I’ve only had to uninstall once since way back with Beta 26 (I think).

There are reasons for that recommendation. While I have done an update in place, I prefer uninstall and re-install. That way I know there will be no junk from the prior version in the install directory. It also makes sure the registry is clean of any stuff from the prior version (including the version number).

A while ago I’m pretty sure to have seen the new beta version, labelled Release Candidate 1. But now I can’t find the link…
Have I gone mad?

Yes. :mrgreen:

We (the community, not L&L) can’t even get people to check for regular updates or use the beta in a manner consistent with testing beta software. How do you keep people from posting a bug report on the wrong version of the software?

By expiring the beta on a regular, consistent basis, and forcing people to be on a somewhat recent version.

The beta testing is not for the immediate convenience of the beta testers. It is for the long-term convenience of all Scrivener customers who benefit from the testing. Being a beta tester isn’t supposed to be easy and never has been in any beta test I’ve ever participated in for any software vendor. You’re taking more personal risks and jumping through more personal hoops, in exchange for helping the developers make the final product better for everyone.

Beta testers have to have some measure of personal discipline and dedication.

You’re not mad. RC1 was released in August of last year. That name was, evidently, a touch optimistic!

Take another look - RC1 is up on the Beta page


And given their progress todate, this RC1 doesn’t appear to be overoptimistic.

I’m not mad :mrgreen:

Delighted to see that! The ‘first’ RC1 was released in August 2019. Great to see this big step, hoping for a full release soon so that I can finally download and use WinScriv.