Windows 11 & Scrivener 3 'check for update' crashing

Wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem? I just upgraded to Windows 11. Now the Scrivener ‘Check for Updates’ hangs the program and I have to force an exit from Scrivener. I’m currently running Version (1274647) 64-bit from 28 Apr 2021. I’m perfectly happy running the version I currently have on Windows 11 (it seems to behave fine otherwise), so this isn’t an urgent issue as far as I’m concerned. But I’m curious if anyone else is seeing it too? Also just a heads-up that it’s happening.

I’d be curious to get a few different cases reported, to see if it is a wide spread problem. In the meanwhile though, we always upload the latest version of the software to the main download page. Feel free to run that installer over your current copy (that’s roughly all the updater does) to bring it up to date. We didn’t change anything specific to Win 11, it seems to be running fine so far (finger’s crossed), but there are tons of bug fixes in it.

Thanks. Yep, I’ve no way of knowing if it’s only me seeing this issue for some reason, so I haven’t reported it as a definite ‘bug’ or non-unique error. But it might be, as it’s early days still with Win 11. In the meantime I’ll update via the download page in future as suggested, not via the program itself. Cosmetically and aesthetically, Scrivener 3 feels very much at home on Windows 11.

Yeah, the thread has a good title, so it should attract attention to anyone else coming to post the same thing.

That’s good to hear! Every other year we are faced with the minor catastrophe of the entire Mac looking like it came from another universe and having to redesign everything. :smiley:

I think you guys totally nailed the v3 re-design for Windows. Future-proofed!! Apart from my minor ‘update’ glitch thing, Scrivener’s been running beautifully on Windows 11 for me, so I definitely don’t want to put anyone off this combination!

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I have Windows 11 and Scrivener 3 and update worked perfectly. No issues with this and I upgraded Scrivener once on Windows 11 I think.

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