Windows Users: Do you recommend Scrivener?

Hey all. I’m considering Scrivener as my go-to organizational tool and hopefully for use in developing novels and screenplays.

I have a few concerns and I was hoping some Windows Scrivener users could offer some insight.

Scrivener seems to be primarily focused on iOS. Is the Windows version an afterthought? Is there anything major missing from the Windows version?

I’ve heard Scrivener isn’t very good for screenwriting - when it comes to actually developing a screenplay with proper format. Is this true?

Scrivener 3 is apparently in development. Does anyone have any idea how far away that is, and how well it will support Windows 7? I’m not expecting much of an answer on this one, just hopeful.


They released Windows V3 about an hour after you posted this. It is pretty much identical to the Mac version. The iOS version is a cut-down one for iPads.
There is always a free trial (14 days?) so just download it and try it.

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: Yes. I’ve been using it since 2015 on Windows (and also iOS) and I love both for different reasons.

Can’t answer you for Screenwriting specifically, as I only use it for novels. But I find it immensely user friendly, stable, and intuitive. I enjoy it for Windows and in the 6 years I’ve never had a major issue with it that didn’t resolve itself. :smiley:

I think Scrivener 3 is quite good on Windows, the only caveat (and this probably applies to the Mac OS version as well) is that the spell correct is poor if you are using normal vocabulary, and god-awful if you need a specialized vocabulary (such as medical). There is no easy/obvious way to use a more complete dictionary, nor a specialized dictionary with Scrivener. (Scrivener 2 used a different spell check system which was readily replaceable).

This means that I’m having to add about 400 words to my custom dictionary, and doing spell checking by compiling to plain text than importing to google-doc, then for each word finding the corresponding location in the scrivener doc and correcting it.

A few other things that are more just annoyances

It is extremely easy to accidentally split a document in the right click menu and there is no way to undo.
The global replace isn’t undoable, and there isn’t much clarity on the regex support.

See this post for how to replace Windows Scrivener’s default spellcheck dictionary with one of your own:

[url]Enhanced Windows dictionary options? - #13 by Mad_Girl_Disease]

It may not be obvious, but it was easy enough that I was able to do it. :blush:


Thanks, I’d actually tried that in the past and it didn’t seem to work but is working now. Perhaps I failed to correctly rename it the last time or such. 50% reduction in redlined words using this medical dictionary … workaround

Hi. At the rate I"m going, I’d have to shout a resounding “NO!” I cannot import files. The process does its thing, but even though my project is 32k words, the imported file shows a word count of 0. I’m running windows 10 with Word 19. Before this problem arose, I sent an email complaining about the save error that pops up after every other click or so. it started while I was going through the training manual, and it continued with the project file I created. I just received an email that they have been flooded with emails and will get to my request in the order in which it was submitted. Meanwhile, I cannot even practice, let alone work on my project effectively.

To make matters worse, I signed up for this forum but could not post concerning my issues. Instead, I had to reply to this one (the only one I could find and successfully comment on).


Odds are that this is related to your antivirus program. There are many threads on this forum where posters have encountered similar errors due to their overactive AV. For example, see the one below. Try a test by disabling your AV and see if the problem is corrected. If so, whitelist Scrivener.

[url]Failed at saving]

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I’ve been using Scrivener 3.0 On windows 10 for a few years. My feelings:

  1. It is ready for prime time. Very useful. Would be lost without it.
  2. It is not user friendly, not intuitive, and difficult to learn, but well worth the extended effort it will require.
  3. The Windows version is not an after thought. It is a great program.
  4. Stop using Windows 7. Security updates are no longer coming out. MS plugs about 100 security vulnerabilities per month and Windows 7 users don’t get them.

As for, the issue, besides being difficult to learn, is that there is no Android version for mobile use. If you’d like to do work on an Android tablet and sync with Scrivener for your main workplace, you can’t. You’ll need to use something like Evernote or Joplin. Then you are stuck with the task of getting the stuff out, and not syncing.

It’s very user friendly (at least after reading my book?) :laughing: Oops, did I just let some people know who I am??

What’s the name of your book?

Check out the “Sync with External Folder” feature. You’ll need a cloud sync folder that both your computer and your Android device/app can access, but it’s precisely what we used before Scriv. For iOS came out.

Scrivener 3 for Windows - Author Robert Roughton. Its on Amazon.

L&L team, if that breaks site rules, feel free to delete and send me to the ‘naughty corner’

Nah, you’re fine. Send us an email if you’d like to be listed on our Books page: … port/books


I don’t have a problem syncing. I have a problem syncing from the non-existent Android app to the windows app. I use Joplin and write in MD and sync to my joplin in Windows. But, then I have to get my stuff out of Joplin and into Scrivener and there is no MD import. I end up combining some notes and then exporting to HTML and then importing from html into Scrivener. This is not as good or easy as it would be if there were an Android app.

Steve, I don’t know if this will help with your particular scenario, but in the post below a user lays out a process that leverages Sync with External Folder and allows them to use Scrivener with a markdown editor. It seems to me they are using Scrivener as sort of a backend for structuring/storing the project in conjunction with MD tools for editing. It’s Mac Scriv and an iOS MD tool , but the idea should work just as well with Win Scriv and an Android MD tool.

[url]iCloud Sync - #186 by Merx]


If you’ll have a little (lot?) of patience, one of the advantages of L&L using the QT framework is cross-platform development. There’s a post somewhere that indicates L&L have the core of an Android app up and running already and that an Android app will be on the horizon. I have no connection to L&L, but I’d assume the developers will be focussed for some months on bugs within V3 Win before they get on to Android.

Personally I’d rather a native ARM64 Win app first(Windows users more inclined to pay for stuff than Android) and I think when ARM64 Win is finally released there will be a lot more effective, price competitive Win tablets/convertibles from a list of major suppliers. (The current MS ARM Win Surface device is an overpriced slow, 32bit only dog)

thanks jim, but they lose me at:

It is exactly that which I cannot do effectively and so need to export to html and then import into Scrivener to get close to the formatting I want. Scrivener will import MD as TEXT, so I could use another tool to actually create stuff, but then what’s the purpose of scrivener? Take the block quotes above. In MD it is simply:

stuff in the block quote.

How can I get my

Stuff in block quote

To convince Scrivener I want a nicely formatted line on the left, indented block quote?

I think MD is easier to write with on a tablet, actually, easier to write with in any case, but the issue isn’t syncing so much as having a section of a subchapter written in MD get into Scrivener with formatting in the correct place.

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