wish L&L front page wasn't broken

I wish the L&L front page wasn’t broken.

I usually just jump straight to the forum pages, but was recommending Scriv to some good folks when, of course, one of them looked it up immediately. :blush:

I couldn’t agree more, gr! But what I really wish is that the Scrivener front page wasn’t broken!

Yeah, scrivener needs a new homepage. Period.

Should be all better at this point! I was doing some maintenance and clean-up, hit the wrong file. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Here y’are: homepage[size=200].[/size]

One could never accuse vic-k of putting too fine a point on the matter.

That’s :unamused: wot y’ call comedic intellectualism, init?


yeah, i don’t even get my own joke but…


Euphuism, verbosity, and purple prose are frowned upon aboard Scrivener.


Exactly the punkt! I was trying to make, earlier, but you’re more succinct than I am :frowning:

you forgot…


didn’t!! me soddin’ typewriter ribbon ran out, din’t it! :imp:

You forgot Daft Punkt. Great music to write to.

except we are talking Mr K, correct? Which really means less punkt and more daft.

Young numpty,
Tactile touch technology, in your hands is a definite no-no! Even with conventional keyboards, your history of typos is legendary. However, most of Scriv’s Miscreanti will know you meant deft, when you inadvertently typed daft. So don’t take it to heart … cheer up.
vic the Magnanimous

whatever makes you feel good mr k, whatever makes you feel good.

Well, numpt,
that depends on what kind of ‘feel good’ we’re talkin’ about? Simple happiness or sensual delight? ‘ave t’ give it some thought! :smiling_imp:

You guys should take it out on the playground.

Both of you, I consider worthy, puissant, Scrivenati Punks!