Can a Mendeley plugin for referencing be expected any time soon?

I use the Mendeley plugin for referencing in Word and I’d Iike to do the same with Schrivener. Can a direct Mendeley plugin be expected any time soon? Alternatively, how can I best deal with this issue?

Hi ats, and welcome to the forum.

To the best of my knowledge, we’ve never created Scrivener to work with any third-party plug-ins directly. Since we have users from a wide range of disciplines, keeping Scrivener flexible so it can be used with different tools tends to be our approach.

If you search this forum for either “citations” or “mendeley”, you should get quite a few results.

I’d recommend starting with this thread outlining using Scrivener with several citation management tools. It includes Mendeley and has some headings that you can click to show details on a workflow.

This thread also has some Mendeley workflow tips and links to other discussions.

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Unless anything has changed recently, the best thing you can do with Mendeley is switch to another reference manager. Here is a quote from one of my many posts about Mendeley:

Petition Mendeley to support a writing workflow in anything other than MS Word? I asked last year helping someone with their workflow; the response I got back was pure generic corporate BS about valuing my feedback and striving to make X better for everyone blah blah. The older desktop app did offer the use of BibTeX keys, but the newer web-as-desktop app even removed that. My recommendation is switch to a better reference manager, or sign your pact with the devil and downgrade to writing exclusively in MS Word…
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