Can't see format bar in dark mode

I am using Windows Version: (1918386) 64-bit - 01 Feb 2023

Until now, I’ve been using night/dark mode successfully, although it has been several weeks since I last logged in.

After updating to the above version today, I found it very difficult to see some of the toolbars, in particular the formatting, font and paragraph icons. To see them, I have had to go back to the basic white mode, which does not stir my creative juices as much, nor does it aid my bad eyesight.

Not sure if this is a bug or requires support.


It’s probably by design.

Adapting the Theme to your wishes is one way to go, but you’ll probably be better of selecting a different Theme.

The Mellow Yellow Theme is meant to be the High Contrast Theme, but I find it to be not that esthetically pleasing…

Have you checked the Grey Matter Dark and the Solarized Dark Predefined Themes?

The Midnight Theme’s creator has bad eyesight and developed the Theme for himself.

Try other Themes from the Scrivener 3 Themes for Windows topic.