Icon linked to/based on Label or Status

A feature I consistently find myself wanting is something like this:

The ability to have the document icon dynamically change when the Status (or Label) is changed. I would find this useful because I like to have an immediate visual cue as to what the status is of each document in my binder. I use the icons for this. I use a Green Flag for “First Draft.” A orange flag for “Second Draft”. A tick for “Complete/finished”… and so forth.

Whether it’s the Label or Status, or either/both, that can change the icon might need to be something the user decides in the settings. Personally, in my workflow, I’d be happy if it were the Status that had this functionality, but I suppose other people might find it more useful to have it tied in with Labels.

I simply refer to ‘Status’ in what follows:

This feature would require being able to set an icon for one or more statuses. I envision this being included as a panel in the Meta-data Settings….

It might be worth having an initial option to tick, such as “Allow status to change document icon?”

It might also require having options along the lines of,
“Keep previous icon when iconless status is selected? Or, revert to a default icon? or Prompt user?” (the prompt will provide the option to “Keep existing icon,” “Use default icon,” or “Select a new icon”)

This would be followed with an option to,
“Set default icon to use when an iconless status is selected”.

Obviously the exact logic of how to facilitate the user setting this up in a way that works for them will require some further thought. But what I’ve mentioned would, at first thought, work for me.

If the user changes the the status to one that has an icon associated with it, then the icon of the document will change accordingly. If they later select a status with no icon, then it will either revert to default, keep existing, or prompt… as per the option the selected in the above-mentioned options.

If any of the above doesn’t make sense, please ask.
Thank you for your consideration of this idea, and for the ongoing improvement of my most indispensable writing tool.


You can already choose to use Label colors in the Binder (though no Status or other Meta-Data indicators). View > Use Label Color In > Binder (F5) The icon doesn’t change, but the color of the label is applied to the document/folder line in the Binder. When you highlight the document/folder, most of that color disappears, but a colored dot is left on the end of the document/folder title.

Not sure if what you’re asking for is something that is in the cards, but this might be a possible workaround for you.

Thanks. I hadn’t noticed that, until just moments before reading your message… when after restarting my computer for a system update, I noticed that one of the projects Scriv reopened happened to be showing colours in the binder. Moments after noticing that, I am reading through your post, explaining to me what that is, and how to turn it on.
I shall activate that in my book projects, and rethink (likely switch over) the way in which I use Labels and Status. Ideally I’d want Status to have the capacity to change the icon. But for now, I could set up Labels with all my various statuses, and colour them in a way that makes sense to me. :unamused:

Yeah, it would be nice if there was something that could be done with the Status meta-data, but I’m not sure that’s even on the developers’ list of things to change.

Also, it doesn’t change dynamically, but you could always use custom icons for binder items. You’d just have to change them yourself when the status changes.

Thanks. That’s what I am currently doing, and hoping to not have to do if this feature suggestion were implemented. Time will tell. :question: