Is it OK to insert emojis in Binder Titles for classification purposes?

I just want to make sure that it can’t damage the project (corrupt the project file) in any way.
I have had bad experiences with other apps and wasted a lot of time renaming items.

why not use !!,@@,##<$$<%%<^^&&**++ etc as know won’t be an issue, or label color, or metadata?

thank you. I know all of these I have been asking about for years. My question was about emojis.
thanks again for taking the time to reply

Emoji is just a character, like what you are reading a string of right now. That your OS/software decides to draw that character using a full-colour graphic instead of a black and white graphic is of little consequence.

However seeing as how this is for classification purposes, you might consider using Emoji as a custom icon, instead. Details in §7.4.1, Creating Your Own Icons, under subheading, Using Emoji for Icons. Not only will it then represent the item as an icon, but it will be more easy to apply it repeatedly, as all text icons in used within the project will be listed in the menu for easy access.

thank you for your reply. I tried using the custom icon option many times in the past. I don’t have time to create and install icons one by one. Other apps give you a library of icons and you just choose one.
thanks again

I think you may be missing what this does. You aren’t “creating and installing icons one by one”, you are picking Emoji from the very same palette you’d be picking it from otherwise, and clicking OK.

From that point on, to use that same emoji on a binder item you would Opt-RightClick on the item in the binder, corkboard or outliner, and quickly select it from the menu—instead of that whole dance with inserting characters into a title using a floating palette.

Do whatever you want, of course. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was saying you should create a PNG graphic out of an emoji and manually install it or something silly like that.

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Also in the manage icon option when the window is open you can only drag icons one at a time, but if folder of distinct png files can drag them very quickly into your library in under 1–2 minutes. I have a whole folder of png shapes with different colors to represent stages. They are easier to see than emojis. See pic of folder


NOW I understand totally. thanks very much. What used to be a tedious task with a lot of cursing is not ultra simple thanks to your excellent explanation. thanks again and have a nice day. I can even make it simpler with a keyboard maestro macro and keycue icon library.


Very interesting. I will search the Internet for a nice library of png like the ones you have. Yes they are very nice and easier to see than emojis.
I apologize for being a bit impatient in response to your post. You were right from the beginning.

I am taking screenshots of your icons → batch save → put in a folder → import into Scrivener icons. So all is great, thanks to you !

you icons are superb. Perfect size, resolution, color and shape ! Excellent for classification and a far cry from the usual icons or emojis.

is it possible (direct or indirect way) to project search for a specific icon ? thank you

Here is a thread about that.

If want I could email those pngs if know how to compress a folder. Don’t have that program or a free version of program
Ps fiqured out to do in windows 11 never knew function was there, could send if you want.

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Oh, definitely. Thank you !!!

the command in Mac OS is simply click on the folder → right click → archive. It is part of the operating system.

On Facebook lee delacy lee the author and friend request and will send png folder to you

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thank you very much!

There are also a lot of nice icons made for OmniFocus floating around the internet. They can be useful in Scrivener.

Here’s a free set:

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I downloaded and unzipped the file, and a tsunami of icons flooded my apartment, flowed out my windows onto the street into the surrounding downtown area. Front page news. Incredible ! thanks very much !