Is There A Way To Make Line Numbers Stand Out More in the Default Theme?

Is There A Way To Make Line Numbers Stand Out More in the Default Theme?

Windows: Scrivener 3

I just turned on Line Numbers in the Default Theme (View-Text Editing-Show Line Numbers or Alt-Shift-E).

The Line Numbers themselves are relatively small, coloured black, and are displayed on a thin grey strip.

The Line Numbers do not stand out at all.

Is there any way to change the colour of any of these elements (thin grey background strip, Line Number colour) or to do something like turning off the thin grey background strip, or to make the Line Numbers stand out more by bolding them?

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Personally, what I’d do is download and try a few of the themes found in this thread:

If you can find one that has a line-numbering font that seems to not be common to most of the interface, that would mean that, yes, it can be done.
(Although not finding one wouldn’t mean it can’t.)

Otherwise, as far as the default theme is concerned, no, it can’t be done ; this is not a setting that one may tweak in the options/appearance.
Meaning that in order to achieve that – if even doable – you’d have to design yourself a new theme. Even should it only have this for a difference.

[EDIT] I just saw that @AntoniDol liked your post, but without providing an how to.
To be honest, if he doesn’t know, I can’t think of any mortal user who does.

BTW: I use line numbering a lot. As in, almost 90% of the time. And one thing I can tell you is that, since you’ll actually only look at it when needed, looking for a number, it ain’t that bad. You should expect to get used to it quite rapidly. It may look faint for now, but that’s likely because you are looking at it in a general way ; comparing it to other elements of the interface, perhaps.
When you are actually looking for a number, they are easy enough to read.
Not sure I am being that clear about what I mean, but give it time, you’ll get my point.

Else yes, I’ll agree with you, there is plenty of room for improvement. It certainly wouldn’t hurt for them to be somewhat more visible.


AFAIK you cannot change them. But try other’s suggestion and let us know if that had any effect. Because, what do I know? :wink:

I think I might try changing the grays at the bottom of the Palette file if you’re using a Theme…

Thanks very much for your reply, Antoni.

Thanks, Vincent.

You make some great suggestions, and excellent points.

I can see that, for my current (occasional) line numbering needs, what you say about the faintness of the line numbering characters and background not being all that off-putting most of the time, is probably true.

However, if I were doing something like I did when I was studying for my Master’s, which involved transcribing one of the psychotherapy sessions I was looking at, applying a Content Analysis framework, and developing a new framework of my own, I think I would have appreciated the line numbering elements being much more vivid and clear, and being able to customize them.

I think I am going to add this to the Wish List for Scrivener.

Thanks again.

There is a white theme in the thread I linked to.
I think you should try it.


I had intended to check the options in the link you included, but that does not prevent me wishing for a more flexible and customizable functionality for the Line Numbering feature, including the ability to customize Line Numbering in all themes, including the Default Theme (which is the one I prefer), and is the one I was talking about (I was not talking about changing Themes).

The idea is not to have you change theme. But if you can find a theme for which this specific part of the interface was modified, you’ll know it can be done.

I see.

That makes sense.

Thanks, Vincent.

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Tried this and doesn’t work.

It’s on the list of UI elements that – so far – don’t play nice with Themes.


Thanks very much for trying that Antoni :slight_smile: