Locking a Folder

Is there a way to lock a folder, so that I cannot either edit the name of the folder nor the text files within that folder or manipulate the position of those text files within that folder?


You’ve marked this as being operating system related, do you mean then you are looking for a way to lock an entire folder in Finder? There isn’t a super easy way of doing that, if so. You can of course “Get Info” on the folder and click the “Locked” icon, but that only protects the folder itself from accidental changes. You would need to also lock all of the files within it as well.

The approach I would take is to modify the folder’s permissions, in the tab at the bottom of the Get Info palette. First, click the lock icon and authenticate. Next, set the containing folder to “Read only” for all entries, and then click the gear button to “Apply to enclosed items…”.

It’s not perfect, but it will block most forms of accidental editing. Some software will allow you to override a read-only flag, but usually with some additional confirmation.

Sorry no, my mistake, a bit distracted today, so forgive the lack of information.

I’m looking to lock a folder in the Binder of Scrivener.

No, there isn’t a way to do that.

If you are curious as to why there is no such thing, here are some threads to read up on:

Cheers for the replies.