Novel-in-a-Day 3: With a Vengeance

[size=150]We’re done![/size]

Pick up a copy of this year’s NiaD book: … niad-2013/

The Scrivener project used to create the final copy is also available, and it includes the chapter briefs that were provided to the authors on the day of the event: … -in-a-day/

Initial announcement follows.

On Saturday 19th October we will once again be working together to write a Novel In A Day. For anyone not familiar with the event, participants receive a briefing pack on what to write at midnight UK time on the day of the event and have until 8pm the same day to submit their chapter of at least 1,500 words. The individual sections are then compiled using the magic of Scrivener into epub, mobi and pdf files which will be made available for free download, along with the Scrivener project itself.

This is the third time we have run this event and it’s proven to be a lot of fun for everyone involved (except pigfender) each time. You can read more about the event and pick up free copies of the previous years’ books at

If you are interested or have any questions, then please sign up in the forum below!

Thanks Ioa!

As with previous years, I’ll keep an updated list here of everyone that has registered an interest.

INLIST (last updated 27th Sept 2013, 20:16 UK time)
r AmberV
r BethCutter
r ChiaLynn
ir Daurmith
r FleetAdmiralO
r Foxtrot
ir FredInChina
r gr
r homeport
r KB
r kirtvee
ir LAP
ir matt
r michaelbywater
r Montree_Whiles
ir+ nom
r pete340
r pigfender
r Reliquary
ir robertdguthrie
r Rollerdiva
r r6d2
ir Siren
r StaceyUK
r VDGriesdoorn

TOTAL: 25 That’s it!



Oh and look at that, BBcode works. :slight_smile:

To everyone who takes part, good luck.

Me! Me! I wanna play again!

She clasped him in her manly arms. “Begorrah!” cried the evil hook-nosed rabbi. He reached for his gun. In the distance a snake barked. With a thunderous roar the mighty jets roared thunderously into reverse thrust, then into forward thrust again, then into reverse thrust, then into forward thrust. “No!” cried the Pope, adjusting his mighty electroscope™. But it was too late. With one tug the false beard came away and I recognised the face of Holmes. Tears started in her luminous blue eyes. “Great Scott, wing commander,” murmured Raffles. The deck pitched in the remorseless pounding waves. Eriksson’s teeth were clenched, the veins standing out on his huge forearms. “M’look, m’bwana,” murmured Surgeon-Lieutenant Ibrahim al-Saqr, “It’s the m’Zulus, thousands of the m’blighters, rushing down the hill!” The girl swayed her hips entrancingly. “You can’t go wrong with the charcoal pinstripe,” said Q. “Conventional, but stylish.” Bond smiled enigmatically and undid his trousers. The balloon was out of control now, ascending rapidly. The huge tarpon plunged under the hull, the reel screaming as the line stripped out. Molten lava poured down the mountainside. The Damascene blade of his Higonokami was a blur. Ian Duncan Smith’s intestines spilled onto the velvet couch. The courtesans screamed and threw up on his head. “Gutted by God!” cried Gove, but it was too late. His wet lips writhed then fell onto the floor. The bank manager peered over his half-moon dentures. “It’s not a request,” he murmured; “It’s an order.” “Gosh, Letitia” said Dr Greenhalgh, “without my glasses, you’re beautiful.”

etc etc.

Count me in.



260 words down and not even in receipt of his chapter packet yet! :mrgreen:

Please can you include me again, have so loved doing these :slight_smile:
thank you

Is it really that time of year again? Novel-in-a-Day was great fun last time, and much less scary than I thought it would be. Definitely count me in, please.

I’ve already told Mrs Nom: I’m in.

[size=50]And yes, she gave permission.[/size]

Already? Count me in.

Hi Pigfender. much as i’d love to be in again, i think i’m going to have to cede my place to someone else. my left hand is out of action in strapping and a splint for the next month at least, and i don’t relish trying to type 1500+ words, pecking with one hand – i’m not a pigeon!

But i’ll greatly look forward to reading the result.

Mr X

Sorry to hear that, Mr X. Hope it’s not giving you too much discomfort.

Thanks to everyone that’s signed up. Already up to 8!
[size=60]Thanks also to Mrs Nom for the generous loan of her husband.[/size]

One of the things I’m doing this year to reduce some of the stress is I’m going to let the story dictate the number of participants, rather than write the story to meet the final numbers. I’ll work out the exact number over the next fortnight, but I expect we will be switching to ‘reserve places’ after 25 people.


I don’t know what you did to fix it, but thanks! Taking full advantage!

I shall be there with all manner of jangly things on.

Ooh, ooh, me! Please, sir! Madame? Me?

Yeah, count me in again, been fun each time… even if my chapter has ended up next to Bywater’s each time just so he can show me up. Meh, let it continue, I can take him this year!

If we do get emergencies on the list, there is a very small chance I may have to pull out due to the Aeon Timeline release for Windows (aiming for early October)… but if emergencies don’t arrive, I’ll do it regardless.


PS - By the way, if you want a different way to disseminate plot information, the Windows version of Aeon should be released by then, or at least in a very advanced beta - so I can throw you a copy so you can create and distribute a timeline as well. It all depends how closely you want to follow the trend of not knowing what comes before or after.

This year, Matt, I’ve decided to go with an “alternative ending” approach where you and Michael have exactly the same brief. That’s cool, right? :wink:

I’ve actually been playing with Aeon to make a timeline of the 2011 NiaD plot. I have to say, I’ve been very impressed with the program! It certainly would have made planning the story of The Dark (given that many of the events unfold in flashback) a LOT easier. I’ll share it with you when I’m done, if you like.

I’m still looking into what background info to share (for anyone new to the process, I still only have a two paragraph outline of the plot at this stage), but the story might well lend itself to having some useful timelines provided in support.

ChiaLynn, hi and welcome. Congratulations on being the first rookie signing of 2013!

Rollerdiva, pleasure as always!

As long as his is the cliched ending that kills off the main character in a car crash, conveniently disposing of every loose end and moral ambiguity in the process, or the other old favorite:

“And then Susan woke up. It had all been a terrible dream.”

Go on, make him stretch that last one into 1500 words!


Mrs Nom says, “You’re welcome”, but has also made it clear that henceforth she is to be known as Madam Nom-Deploom.