pomodoro sessions and time-based targets

the first idea requires no explanation. as for the second, instead of giving yourself a goal of 500 words s a day or 15000 a month, you might give yourself a goal of, say, sixty minutes or, 1800 minutes per month.

I also noticed the absence of a time based counter, particularly in the iPad app, which I use more for free or associative writing on new topics (while other types of writing, editing and structuring on a computer), as well as writing targets for a group of documents rather than the entire project. In such a scenario, I would love to see a minute count for writing sessions, with an alert when the writing target is complete. It’s not important for me if you would call that a Pomodoro timer or not. It seems like a logical extension of the writing target feature for a different type of writing. Thanks

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Abundant timer apps for a wide variety of platforms already exist. What would a timer built in to Scrivener offer that those applications don’t?

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