Readalong: Bleak House, instalment 3, ch8-10

The third instalment of Bleak House, by Charles Dickens consists of Chapters 8 to 10, and was originally published in May 1852.

Are you enjoying the book?

How are you finding the process of reading in monthly instalments? I’m actually finding it harder than I expected. I read the first instalment at the very start of the nominated month, and the second instalment towards the end of its window, making a gap of almost two months between the two; Christmas and a whole host of other distractions happened in between. I find that Dickens’ fabulously powerful descriptions of places and his lively characterisations of dramatis personae stick in my mind, vividly and unimpaired. But it turns out that a two-month interval is long enough for me to forget major plot points! I could almost do with one of those “Previously…” summaries that you get in television drama serials.

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