Scrivener for Windows...

In case you’re wondering…


Hi Keith (not Kevin :smiley:),

This is great news IMHO even though I don’t use a windows machine. Congrats on making it happen. I’m curious, why is Scrivener for Windows $5 cheaper?


Thank you! (I could repeat this a thousand times, but I’m sure that would be more annoying than in the spirit of gratitude, so I won’t).

However, this was the most awesome news I’ve had in a long time.

From the description on the windows page, I think it’s because Windows Scrivener is the 1.x version, while the Mac version is 2.0 (soon).

I’m very excited to get a chance to play with Scrivener when it makes its Windows launch…The email announcement today was a welcomed sight!

Contratulations on this new achievement! I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to use Scrivener on this awful PC I use at work. Writing on this thing will be more bearable, no doubt on that. Thank you! You’ll have me doing beta testing as soon as the link is ready for download. Thank you very much! :smiley:

Yes, Max, that is the case. While the initial Windows version will have Scrivener 2.0’s interface refinements, it will still be using the 1.x feature set, and so the initial price offering for it will be in line with 1.x.

Wonderful to get the email just now that Scrivener for Windows is coming.

I am very much looking forward to the beta next month.

The video was quite impressive - thanks for making this happen!


Awesome news! Great to get the email today. Actually own a mac license after last years NaNo when I tested Scrivener out on a friends Mac. Bought the license just in case since the app is exactly what I was looking for.

Will be testing as soon as it is avail for testing and getting ready for Nano 2010 - Looking forward to purchasing! (No I don’t care that I have to rebuy, I would have to do that to upgrade to the MacScri2.0 anyways.) Just to have it avail on my platform of choice is a huge step.

Congrats on the upcoming release!

Yes, I will be very happy to put this through the test for you. Hopefully you’ll have a CVS-thing up so we can report bugs and stuff easily.

This is great news.

Thanks for developing a PC version of this fine software. I look forward to using it.


I have been waiting for this since I first used Scrivener on my friend’s mac!!
I can’t wait for beta testing ^^

Welcome news for many, no doubt. Scrivener has become the “touchstone” app for Mac writers; I’m sure the press will be covering the Windows version with great anticipation.

My first question: will Scrivener for Windows run under the WINE system on Linux? Considering some of the heavyweight apps that do, such as MS Office, I’d bet even money it will run just fine.

Congratulations for keeping that secret for two years; Steve Jobs must be jealous (he hates leaks).


A Scrivener parallel universe?!

Can’t wait to try it on a netbook. :slight_smile:

What are the RAM requirements? I’m wondering if it will run on my Windows XP virtual machine.
Great news.


Wow!! This announcement made my day. Heck, it made my year. Can’t wait to use it. The video looks wonderful. Count me in for the beta. Can’t wait.

Thanks Keith and Lee.

My small contribution: the announcement of Scrivener for Windows on my blog, in Spanish: … mejor.html

Thank you again, Keith and Lee! And congrats!


THIS. But I suspect the L & L team knew that already. I have the beta release date marked on my calendar! :blush:

The onus would be on WINE developers to ensure compatibility, not L&L… in my experience, stuff working through WINE has always been a bit random :smiley:
Best bet would probably be through virtualization

I have had my eye on Scrivener for some time. But never could afford a MAC. I’m looking forward to beta tesing it.