Three wishes for Scrivener 3

- Synchronous Scrolling. (Mac, Win, etc)
For translators, having the original on one panel and the translator on the other could be a great feature to lock the scroll and have both scrolling together. I imagine other uses for fiction writers.

- iOS Version: Search (and replace) throughout the whole project.
If you only take your iPad to that long-delayed vacation and want to change your character’s name, you would murder for this feature.

Columns on the Binder - Having at least a column with status and another with Include in Compile checkbox

You could show Status colored dot in the Binder by swapping Label and Status in Project > Project Settings.

The Compile Overview has a list with Included documents in the right-hand side column…

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@ONR_Writes: Synchronous Scrolling

This would be of limited use in a program like Scrivener, but we have a different solution for addressing the same problem, that tends to work better for cases where the two different texts are potentially of different lengths at different areas of the text. Here is a recent discussion on the matter.

Columns on the Binder

The menu command, View ▸ Outline, view mode in the main editor is intended to be where one can have a more expanded view of the metadata associated with items. Something to consider is that you can split the editor so that it is possible to continue working with content, while having an outliner view on the left—and it is of course even possible to set that outliner to load what you click on in the right editor, with Navigate ▸ Outliner Selection Affects ▸ Other Editor, and even close the binder (with View ▸ Binder), using the outliner as a surrogate binder.

Or for a subtler look, you can have the Label colors tint the Binder icons — and the color intensity is adjustable. That is how I like it.