Unofficial Scrivener Keystroke Shortcuts Guide

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This is for Version 1.11
This is a quick list reference guide to all the keyboard shortcuts in Scrivener so you can either print this out or import directly into Scrivener for easy reference.

I made it into PDF format for easy printing and also so one may import directly into Scrivener for quick reference. Any mistakes or misprints are soley mine. :slight_smile:

If one of the listed shortcuts does not work let me know and I will adjust it and upload the revised copy accordingly.

I hope you find this useful

CHANGES: 04-06-2008

Uploaded new PDF file to reflect the four missing keystrokes in the Inspector Panel.

CHANGES: 04-07-2008
NOTE: TO download a custom background RIght click (control click for 1 button mouse) on the image and select SAVE IMAGE AS. To download the the printable PDF version use the link listed below the pictures


Per Request and popular demand I have made two “Custom Backgrounds” that list the keyboard shortcuts so instead of using the “corkboard” if you want you can use one of these two custom backgrounds that list keybooard shortcuts.

One has a white background (for higher contrast) and the other a gray background (more subtle).
Also per user request the background images include:

The  notation is not currently on the 1.11 PDF list but will be incorporated into the 1.12 list once I am done making that. I will also include 1.12 Custom backgrounds as well.

If you like the idea of the custom background but want a different background color (besides white or gray) or want a different text color just send me a request and I will make it available for you.
Enjoy :slight_smile:
SCR-KeystrokeGuide-1_11.pdf (221 KB)

Thank you Wock,

this is really cool and a great reference. You are very kind to provide this. :smiley:

Big compliments!

Thanks Wock! I noticed that at least four are missing from the Inspector panel: Document Notes (Cmd-Opt-6), Project Notes (Cmd-Ctrl-6); Document References (Cmd-Opt-7), and Project References (Cmd-Ctrl-7).

I have made this post sticky so it will stay at the top of the Tips and Tricks forum.

Ahh I knew I would miss a few. :slight_smile:
I will correct it and replace with a new version in a minute. Thanks AmberV for the sticky!

Wow, thanks, Wock! Much much better than my scribbled notes and crazy-clipped forum posts. :smiley:

now to make it a background …

Ask and you shall recieve! By popular demand you “background images” are available in two flavors. (Gray or White)

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks a heap, Wock! Your handy Shortcuts Guide enables me to trim the forest of Post-It Notes that festoon my monitor and desk and make them look like a pathetic Mardi Gras mini-float.

I am glad to hear people find this useful.

Wock, How generous of you to create and share the keystroke guide. It’s great. Many thanks, L

Awesome stuff, Wock 8)

It’s now one document sitting prominently on my desktop for immediate (and all-too frequent - mind like a sieve) quick-look.


First of all, as I didn’t say anything yet in this topic, I really like your cheat sheets, especially the pdf guide.

I found a little mistake today in the pdf guide: in the “Edit” paragraph, it says that “Find/Find Previous” shortcut is “y⌘G”. It should be “⇧⌘G”.
And I think the little sentence “*No Murlocs were hurt during the writing of this guide.” should be on page 5, not on page 4.

If i found another mistake, I’ll let you know. Thanks again for this useful guide :wink:

Thanks Rodix.

Yeah the “y” was a character I was using a place holder for the shift symbol when I was making the guide. I’ll get that corrected.

The No murlocs should be on page 5. (page 5 was added rather quickly)

I am working on the version for 1.12 so any other corrections or ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


Please have a look at the end of each page:

  • on page 1, 3 and 5, there is a horizontal bar
  • on page 2 and 4 there isn’t any
    You could maybe add one on page 2 and page 4.

And the dates in the first post of this topic are wrong (we are in March!).

After these little fixes (and the 1.12 update), this guide will be nearly perfect.

Thx 4 shrt cuts–great help.

After using SC for ages I find this … just shows …

A suggestion concerning layout. At present the list makes five pages - one too many to print two up/back to back on A4 to make a single sheet for lamination (protecting from coffee stains, telephone notes and dog teeth). Could I suggest that with a little bit of revision of the graphics at the top of the first page it would all fit on four pages then I’d be really, really happy!!!

The next Guide will be SIx Pages actually. (3 front and back)

The last page will be an “All in One” list so if you want a single laminated sheet for quick reference it is all right there.

Like this (see attached)
SCR-1_11-KSB.pdf (103 KB)

If that makes any sense?

What can I say? Brill. Cool bananas. Perfickt.


we aim to please.