What templates do you want in Scrivener 2.0?



I’m taking a look at it for feasibility. One thing I noticed in your original is that you left the NaNoWriMo hot-links in the Project References, as well as the Daily Target document template. Otherwise though, it looks really great! Thanks for making these available. I’ll give a whirl tomorrow and see if it imports directly. If it works in 10 minutes then that’s great, but since there are a few lurking RTF bugs, it might need to be deferred until beta 2 or 3.


I am very dissappointed :frowning: I planed to create a scrivener project for my poems… But I found that Scrivener 2.0 does not have tags :frowning: For example, I can not create collection that containes my poems from 2000 till 2009 etc Keywords are not the tags. I like MacJournal’s tag system… and I thought that Scrivener 2.0 has tags… I dont understand why so useful thigs are missed…

sorry for my bad English but… :frowning:

Can’t please everybody. I don’t really understand what you mean or what it is you are trying to do, but Scrivener has keywords, and if that’s not what you are after, then maybe MacJournal will suit you better as you say. A vast amount of work has gone into Scrivener 2.0, and it addresses many, many user suggestions. I’m sorry you’re “very disappointed”, but it’s impossible to meet the demands and whims of every single user out there, and I wouldn’t want to try to do so as that leads to bad software.

Also, please note that this thread is for suggestions for templates, so moans about 2.0 don’t belong here. You can add wish list items to the Wish List forum, although I won’t have chance to seriously consider any new suggestions for a few months.

Right, getting back on-topic, I just wanted to let everyone know that the templates are taking me forever to put together and revise. Every time I put one together, I come across something that could be tweaked in Scrivener to give a little extra flexibility (to allow for counting acts and scenes, for page numbers to start on the third or fourth page and so on), so… Yeah, it’s taking a while. Thus, in order to be able to release on Monday as planned, my plan is that the initial version of 2.0 will have a good few templates - all the ones that Scrivener 1.x had, plus some non-fiction and academic templates - and then hopefully I’ll add a few more in the 2.0.1 update. There are a number of minor bugs that need fixing that I won’t have time to fix for Monday, so I expect the 2.0.1 update will be out in mid-late November (but never quote me on release dates). It’s that or put off releasing for a couple more weeks, and I don’t think that would go down well. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for all the great suggestions,

Good plan! :wink:

The dodgy one speaketh! So be it.

Could you describe what you mean by that, then? Because they actually are the same thing, technically speaking. It’s one of those catsup-ketchup things. So what are you thinking of that you find to be missing in Scrivener?

Gee, d’'ya think?
I’m very happily exploring the NaNo trial version, Keith.
It’s very nice. Well done. Roll on full release when you’re ready and I’m ready to upgrade from 1.54.
All good. - Peter

Well, quoting ain’t working… is that because BBCode is off? Can I turn it on?

I want to say that I nevertheless plan to buy the 2.0 version…

What I expected from tags (keywords), or probably from collections

  1. collection (search) could work with some data types. For example, date (e.g.date of creation, date of modification), integer (rating, priority etc), and string (keywords in Scrivener)
  2. when searching or creating collection it could be possible to define some rules. For example: This collection includes all documents with keyword poem, created after 2009 and with rating above 3.

You may think that I want too much, but as a poet I usually prepare some verses (poems) to send them for publication. And I usually choose them between my good verses (e.g. my rating above 3) and between verses written in some period (e.g new verses). And such smart collection could be very useful for me (and probably for others)

PS> Btw I hope to get poetry template with Scrivener 2.0 or 2.01… it would be great

Okay, I follow you now. Basically multi-criteria project searching (saving criteria to dynamic collections is incidental to the basic function which attaches to them). Of course, not a bad idea—something for well down the road as there are a lot of other things that need to be done as well—but I’m not going to contradict the fundamental assertion that being able to search for more than one criteria at once is useful. It is. :slight_smile: But of course, practically everything you listed cannot even be searched for at all in Scrivener. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to get at that information. You could search for “Poem”, load the search results into Outliner, sort by date, select everything below 2009, and shunt that off to a standard collection. So just because you can’t search the date field for ranges doesn’t mean you can’t get range information (and arguably there isn’t a whole lot of advantage to having a UI that provides that, over the method I just described—total exertion is about the same—and the more fluid method that Scrivener provides allows for user tweaking to the results; static collections can be easily pruned or appended to whereas multi-criteria dynamic collections (smart folders, whatever), cannot).

Another trick is to take advantage of two concepts:

  1. Selecting the contents of a collection and hitting Cmd-Opt-R selects all of those items in the Binder
  2. Project search can be narrow down by the binder selection

And there you have a two-axis search. Not as nice as saving it for future use, again I’m not arguing against your point, just showing how you can get about doing the types of things you want using existing features. Rating would work in a similar fashion to date range selection. Presumably that would be a custom meta-data field, so search by Criteria 1 (“poem”); sort by Rating, and grab everything above “3”. If you want to use that compound result, save it a collection for future use, Cmd-Opt-R it, and do another project search.

In your particular case, since these particular metrics probably are not shifting around much, you could use static collections quite well. A dynamic collection so you can always quickly grab “Poem” and then perform search analysis to pick out ranges from it—might as well put everything from 2009 into a “Poems - 2009” collection because those aren’t going to be changing any time soon. Same could probably said of ratings. A static collection of 3+ rated poems. These dynamic and static collections easily become your search scope to work off of using the project search tool, instead of going back to the entire project every time from scratch.

Just some ideas—because frankly I wouldn’t expect multiple criteria project searching any time soon. I think it is on the list of long-term wishes, but right now there are a lot of big things to sort out.

Thx I will try it

Chronological article, novel and story template deleted by LL

Just a short “Thank you, my Lord.”


Any update on this template? I’d really like to take it for a spin.


Hi, when you say to install the Novel Writing Template in Library>Application Support>Scrivener etc… when I look in Library>Application Support> there is no Scrivener Folder… what have I done?

The best way to install templates is to just use the Manage... button in the template chooser. No need to worry about library folders and all that.