What templates do you want in Scrivener 2.0?

This is very true. I do a lot of shilling for Scrivener and my academic friends tend to be concrete thinkers and like examples. We even discussed this in the Scrivener thread at NaNoWriMo and these people are novelists!!


Hi Edward Anton. I have whizzed up a Sermon Development Template


After v2 is released in a few weeks I will post an award winning PhD template


Hello, I know template submission is closed so maybe for future releases:

  1. Some template for writing collection of minutes. Something similar to latex package minutes ( documentation on CTAN)

  2. Maybe something for writing exams,there is latex exam class which fits often well in my needs,but using scrivener as binder with all my physics exersizes from which I could create many exams ( albo with random select) would be nice.

  3. Ok this is not template question but…is it possible to implement to scrivener some form of cooperation with Evernote?

  4. When you write lot of maths perhaps Scrivener is not the best tool, sometimes however you need to put some formula in your document. Is it possible for Scrivener to accept LaTeX syntax and convert it to equation when exporting to pdf ? (using existing mactex installation on system)

I see MLA and APA templates, which is great! Any chance of putting in a Chicago Style one?

How would a Chicago style one work? Isn’t that a style guide rather than an actual essay format?

Thats how vic-k dresses up for The Red Lions annual Fancy Dress bash.


I found this:

dabcc.nmsu.edu/info/labs/lab85/h … cagop2.pdf

Basic Chicago Style Essay format.


Could you please include the bibliography format for The Chicago Style, 16th edition? It’s basically like MLA, but whereas the author and the page number (Williams, 20) are the proper way for in-text citations for MLA, Chicago uses the date; for example: (Williams, 2008) or if it is a specific citation that needs page numbers, (Williams, 2008, 99-100).

Seeing as this is VERY popular format for citations and bibliographies for essays, there should be copious notes on the Chicago format.

Thanks Keith for asking,


Robert B.'s link is a great reference for the Chicago essay format. Thanks Robert. Keith, please, please, please?



Are citation styles something that a template would address though? Keeping in mind that templates are primarily Binder scaffolding with maybe some meta-data starters, some document architecture (like indent style and line spacing) and a compile set-up; I’m not sure how a citation standard is going to make up a template. That seems like something the author needs to do in their footnotes as they type them out, or via the assistance of a citation manager?

Actually what I’m missing right now are “Outline” and “Treatment” and I’m hoping for a “Poem” (maybe even a Haiku?) template too.

The Poem should just have tags for Title, Subtitle and Verse with maybe some different nice looking visual formatting. Hm and maybe a way to chose from a verse meter pattern, that’s be awesome!

The Outline and Treatment should offer some tags for: Title, Subtitle, Authors, Date, Copyrights/IP, Narrative Text, Commentaries and Dialogs.
There can be many possible nice looking formatting styles, but I think the dialogs should format the same as in a script (tv or movie). There should be a 1,5 line spacing and margins similar to scripts and font sizes at 11 and 12.
Outline and Treatment usually differ only in length, but depending on the country the terms can be used with different meanings (e.g. swapped meaning for outline and treatment)

Sorry I don’t have a “standardized link”, I only have books and attended some seminars.

So your request is for “fiction templates” then? :wink:

Hey, keep it clean! Such comments have no place in a Scrivener forum. You and I may not be believers, but the writing of sermons is a perfectly legitimate use of Scrivener.

I don’t know if this is doable from a copyright standpoint, but awhile back I posted a Save The Cat template for Scrivener which divided the binder up into STC beats:


I don’t personally use it, and I’m not in love with STC, but it’s the kind of thing that might be useful for others.


what about a Use Case Template for Software Development. I think Scrivener would make a great tool for this use case:

  • Linking Use Cases
  • Tagging with Level, Approval
  • Keywords for Actors
  • Gather/reference requirements

A template for Use Cases can be found at
alistair.cockburn.us/Use+case+fundamentals under the section “The Use Case Forms”.

Christian (eagerly waiting for 2.0)

Perfect timing.


Thanks! And yes eventually we intend to have a page with templates created by users as well as ones we’ve created that might be too obscure for general usage in the installation.

Try zipping the .scrivproject file up before uploading.

The Sermon Template has been deleted