Worth buying the iOS app?

Long time scrivener user on Mac. Love it. It’s the best writing software I’ve used hands-down. I have a pretty large project where I do my journaling and short-story writing, and now that I’m a new iPad owner I’d like to add the ability to work on the go.

However, I’m a bit concerned that the app hasn’t been updated since 2019. How’s the bug situation? For a paid software it’s pretty crazy to go that long without patches. So is it worth buying?

If not, what’s the best alternative? I’m looking for something that can sync, and with a similar folder structure to Scrivener (the best part of Scrivener IMO).


Can’t find the edit function, but anyhow, I forgot to add: I really love the page view in mac - does it exist in the iPad app? I’m talking about the ability to view your document with a little page outline, just to give some context to the text.

for me works well even thru iOS updates, integrates and syncs with the desktop. supports your goal:

Worth it? Only you can judge cost and benefits.

You can download a copy of its tutorial, which is provided in PDF and Scrivener project format. It’s worth noting that this also doubles as the entirety of its documentation, which should give you a sense of what it is, and what it is not. If you don’t see something talked about in there, assume it doesn’t have it, no matter how fundamental you may think that thing is to Scrivener.

Here is a link to a previous topic relating to whether or not the Scrivener iOS app is worth the money: Anyone Using Scrivener for iOS as Their Primary Software?. It used to have the page outline, but has been broken since iOS 14. I have moved away from Scrivener on my iPhone and iPad as the bugs that continue to pop up whenever the iOS gets updated have since rendered the app useless. Good luck.

I don’t know which parallel universe you are in, but I have no bugs ‘continuing to pop up’ and find the iOS version extremely useful/useable, etc!


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I haven’t noticed any bugs either, but people use Scrivener for different things in different way, so it may just be that I haven’t used any functionality where the bugs have made themselves known.

After perusing the Scrivener for iOS forum category for a few minutes, I found three iOS Scrivener bugs that have been acknowledged by L&L. I believe these bugs are more or less widespread, so to be on the safe side assume that they would affect you as well. (There may be other bugs, and there may be individual users who experience crashes and other issues specific to their configuration.)

Draft Navigator bug

Keyboard overlays text

Synopsis issues


To clarify, I guess I meant: is the app functioning well enough that my productivity won’t be impeded? If there are constant crashes or features which are totally broken, then I’d steer clear. If the reason for a lack of updates is simply that the app is stable, or “stable enough”, then I’m certainly more confident in my purchase.

Don’t seem bad at all, I have to say. Think I’ll give it a try. Do you know if it’s just Keith doing dev now? Three apps sounds like a headache to manage, but a few trivial updates to the app (if even just for visibility’s sake) would go a long way in the confidence vote. The scariest thing for any prospective customer is an abandoned app, even if it has been abandoned in a good state.

Thanks for the replies everyone! Sorry for starting a little tiff too!

Windows Scrivener has a separate development team. I think Keith has brought on another developer on the Mac/iOS side, but I’m not sure exactly what that person is working on.

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Just to update for anyone having the same concerns: ended up buying Scrivener on iOS and I love it. I do wish the Dropbox syncing was done intermittently on a delay (or after “saving” some writing) but it has worked flawlessly for me. The UI is great and the screenwriting works perfectly, which, combined with the writing features make this a killer app for me. I don’t have virtual keyboard issues as I don’t use a virtual keyboard (have a Logitech Combo Touch case), so YMMV.

I’d still like to see some little ceremonial bug fixes to keep the app looking alive, but I don’t regret my purchase.

Intermittent syncing would probably never be feasible once you use more than maybe one or two small projects. There is some necessary overhead that cannot be avoided (the Dropbox API can only work so fast to accomplish some tasks) that can make sync take longer the more work you have to sync.

But the good news is that you can very easily choose when to sync, when it is convenient for you: just hit ⇧⌘S while working in any project.

or it’s right there also, under the bottom left corner button…

In case anyone is wondering if it’s worth it still—I give an unqualified Yes, Yes, Yes!

I have been using Scrivener on a daily basis since July 2021 (end of September 2022 as I write this) and the iOS has most of the features that I love and use most for composing my novels.

I had been occasionally using my beloved Logitech solar wireless keyboard but the dongle was getting me down for popping out to Starbucks and the size was rather huge. I purchased the K380 Logitech bluetooth keyboard, grabbed my magic trackpad and wow—Scrivener on my 2019 iPad Pro (smaller size) is even better than before!

A lot of the keystrokes I’ve ingrained into my fingers’ memories work exactly the same on the iOS app.

The templates within manuscripts I spent time setting up on my MacBook Air are all available within my iPad app. The Inspector is easy to access, renaming projects etc. are all great on the iPad.

My iPad died recently after I’d already synced to DropBox and I whipped out my iPhone and continued seamlessly a few minutes later.

The syncing does take some time and I have goofed a few times with my folder structure in DropBox, causing myself a few moments of anxiety, but I’ve never lost anything (knock on wood).

I’m on my third novel.

Without an external keyboard, the iOS app is worth the cost on a phone or iPad because I can review and make small line edits rather easily when I would otherwise be playing a game while standing in line somewhere.

Alas and alack, I was an Android enthusiast for many years and although I’m not unhappy with my iPhone, I have flirted on occasion with changing it up for some variety — and then I remember how important Scrivener is for me on every device I own except for my Kindle Oasis (which, honestly, can only read books anyway).

If the L&L folks ever developed an Android version of Scrivener, I would be able to switch to another phone platform, but for now I’m locked it.