Compile oddities

My compile is throwing up two oddities. The first relates to scenes. When I add a scene to a folder, I give it a name (let’s call that the scene title). As several of my scene titles require a footnote, and there doesn’t seem to be a way of applying a footnote to a scene title, I reproduce the scene title at the top of the scene text, formatting it so it appears as a heading (let’s call that the scene heading). I can then compile, removing the option for scenes to print their titles. So far so good. However, I have several instances of the scene heading appearing on its own at the bottom of a page, and I cannot see a way with the compile settings to force a scene to keep at least three lines (heading, blank line, first line of text) together. Is there any way of overcoming this, please?

The other strange thing is that if a page has several footnotes (five or six, say), then text from the scene is being superimposed on some of the notes. It is as though the compile is not recognizing the space being taken up by the notes, and continuing to use it for text. Any tips about that, please?

Would I be right in thinking you are compiling to PDF or to print? If you are, know that the Windows version currently has issues with those destinations and what you describe sounds a bit like them. Furthermore, I think the answer to your titles is Format → Paragraph → Keep with Next, but again it seems there is a problem with that for PDF/print. See:

As MM says in that thread, the solution is to compile to RTF/DOCX, open in Word and print or create your PDF from there.

Otherwise I’ll leave a Windows pundit to help you further.


Thank you so much, Mark. Yes, the compile is to PDF.